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    Incrediwear equine hoof sock

    Why use the Incrediwear Equine Hoof Sock ?

    Why use the Incrediwear Equine Hoof Sock ?

    If you are new to Incrediwear Equine then you are probably wondering why you should use the products and when ?!

    Here is a little brief why :

    These are the worlds - YES - worlds only wearable anti-inflammatory, but they are embedded with naturally occurring elements into the fibers. When these are worn they speed up the circulation to that area & that is good!! This is done through negative ion therapy. 

    Moving fresh oxygenated blood in quicker is good.. it increases the cells recovery and over all health. Moving de-oxygenated or spent blood out quicker & taking used or damaged cells with it. 

    So if you have an injury it makes the healing process speed up and reduces your time out of action.

    If you are heavily competing at a show / competition by wearing these will help keep your horse feeling fresh and less tired so by the big class on Sunday they are not feeling the pace of competing. 

    The hoof sock can be made wet with tepid water to create an ice pack effect.. Ideal if there is heat in the hoof!

    Still not convinced- why not try the human range for your self..