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    Incrediwear equine IBN

    Equine Products

    Incrediwear Equine products were developed after the success of the Incrediwear human range.

    Incrediwear Equine is designed to increase the circulation to the area where the product is worn. This is done by negative ion therapy, the fibers of Incrediwear Equine are embedded with natural elements - Germanium & carbonized Charcoal.

    As this product does not create heat in the area where worn this is one of the differences in Incrediwear Equine to other products on the market. 

    The second difference is that when Incrediwear Equine products are made wet they create an ICE PACK effect. This allows dual usage of the products 

    1. Wear dry when exercising to increase circulation of both blood and lymphatic systems boosting recovery, reducing your down time. 

    2. Wear when wet this product will become and ice treatment, with out the destruction of cells that can be associated with some ice treatments. As the circulation is also increased even when wet.

    These products are washable, portable, reusable and complementary. 

    They are ideal for use on any horse, whether competing at novice level or at high sporting competition level.