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    Incrediwear Equine IBN are the official distributors for Incrediwear Equine in Ireland Belgium & the Netherlands.

    Since its inception in 2009, Incrediwear has revolutionized the Human Health & Fitness Industry.

    Innovative human products that work to increase blood & lymphatic circulation, and optimize performance in athletes at both the professional and amateur levels. More importantly, Incrediwear was created to improve the lives of our customers through the everyday use of our products. This revolutionary technology was then transferred into Equine therapies to help alleviate and improve equine health with out invasive treatments and to work in harmony with vets and equine therapists alike. 

    We recommend you use Incrediwear Equine to boost your horses health and well being. If you are unsure on how good the benefits why not try these products on yourself! Don't wait to hear it from the horses mouth.  

    Incrediwear Equine products can be used to help complement horses at all levels of fitness & regardless of the sporting levels it will bring optimized performance through increased circulation and oxygenation of tissues. 

    In the case of injury it will help to reduce swelling and inflammation resulting in faster recovery of the tissues. Thus reducing your ''out of action'' time and getting your horse back into competition / work quicker.

    For the full collection of Incrediwear products for humans, see Incrediwear Ireland.

    Get in contact with us!

    Call Damien Doyle of Doyle Sport Horses at +353 86 813 9969 for more information on our Equine products.

    Or fill in the form below to contact us by email: